Nov 17th: Distinguished Lecture Series: Aniruddh Patel

LaMERG FALL 2015 proudly presents our Distinguished Lecture Series!

Speaker: Aniruddh Patel, Tuesday Nov. 17th, 6pm in Psychology Building A, Room 109

“Can nonlinguistic musical training change the way the brain processes speech?”
Aniruddh Patel

Tufts University

Mounting evidence suggests that musical training is associated with enhancements in certain aspects of speech processing (e.g., hearing speech in noise, prosody perception, and second language phonological abilities).   Are these benefits caused by musical training, or is this merely a case of correlation without causation?  If they are caused by training, how and why would such transfer effects occur? In this talk I will discuss recent evidence for associations between musical training and speech perception abilities, and lay out a theoretical framework which can explain how and why learning a musical instrument could impact speech processing.

Refreshments will be served in a minor key


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