LaMERG is back!

There’s been a lot to be excited about with a fresh school year upon us– and we’ve been planning quite a bit!

Some announcements:

1) We are delighted to announce the first LaMERG talk of 2014-15, to be held Tuesday Oct. 7 at 5:30 pm in the Linguistics Department Seminar Room.

LaMERG talk abstract:

A grid-based look at syncopation in popular music
Andrew Conklin (Department of Music, Stony Brook University)

Although researchers are generally cautious when attempting to draw fundamental connections between music and language, there is a general consensus that meter plays a role in both domains. If metrical grids exist in both language and music, any musical setting of text must involve two independent, interacting meters. In this talk, I outline a view of syncopation in popular music that focuses on the interaction between linguistic and musical metrical grids. I build on David Temperley’s (1999, 2001) research concerning syncopation in rock music by proposing a distinction between internal syncopation, which describes a conflict between musical rhythm and meter, and external syncopation, in which the accent patterns of the text are misaligned with the underlying musical metrical grid. I follow with a case study analysis of the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows,” which explores how some of Temperley’s ideas might be applied in the context of a traditional musical analysis.

Everyone is invited, and minor refreshments will be served (that is, refreshments in a minor key)

2) We’d like to welcome Rob Pasternak of Linguistics to the LaMERG Organizing Committee!

3) Save the Date!! LaMERG will hold the 2nd Workshop on Music, Language and Emotion in March 2015. We’ve got an exciting list of speakers being confirmed as I speak- er- type. More details to come…

Best regards,

LaMERG OrgComm


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