Announcing Music, Language and Emotion Workshop!

LaMERG will host its inaugural Music, Language and Emotion workshop on April 12, 2013 at Stony Brook University.  Guest speakers will include Nicole Calma (Stony Brook University), Arnie Cox (Oberlin College), John Drury (Stony Brook University), Carol Krumhansl (Cornell University), David Pesetsky (MIT), Michael Schober (New School of Social Research), Robert Slevc (University of Maryland), and Neta Spiro (Nordiff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy).  A performance by music department doctoral students Andrew Conklin, Branic Howard and Richard Vaudrey will follow the workshop.  The event is organized by LaMERG (the Language, Music and Emotion Research Group, Stony Brook University) and sponsored by the departments of Linguistics, Music, and Psychology.

Music, Language and Emotion Workshop

April 12, 2013: 10am-7pm

Charles B. Wang Center, Room 201 and Lecture Hall 1

Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

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